Independent Brewing Company has been brewing at 444 Harrison Street, Oakland, California since May, 2014. Please email or call 510-698-BEER (2337) for more information.

T-shirts are available. Contact Steve by email to or call 510-698-BEER to order.

Brewery tours can be arranged in advance through Vimbly or by contacting the brewery in advance (we need to ensure someone is available to give the tour at your requested time). Tours are $25/head and yes, beer will be tasted as part of the tour price! If you're in the area and just want to drop-in, feel free (we can't guarantee a tour for drop-ins, but there's always beer). The tasting room is open daily at 2p until 10p except Sundays when we are open, 2p - 6p. Dogs and kids are welcome (cats are welcome too -- our dog, Fenris, thinks he is a cat! but ... there will be dogs ...)!